We are very excited to have you as a group leader!

On this page you will find resources that will help you as you get started and as your group grows. If you have any questions, the best place to start is to connect with the Connection Groups leader. Who is here to support you and help you grow even more in the gifts God has given you.

Be sure that you have completed the steps it takes to become a small group leader that are on the menu at the bottom.

We can't wait to hear all the awesome things God does in and through your group!

Getting Started

As a group leader, you'll have an opportunity to foster purposeful conversations, highlight the gifts of your group members, and see lives changed. After reviewing the checklist, take some time to explore our list of ideas for your first group meeting, the do's and don'ts, and our ingredients for a successful Connection Group.

Below, you'll find a menu on the left for you to check out these helpful tips as you plan your group.

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